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Age- 13
Sexuality- Straight
Have you ever had a public erection- Yes Duh
Have you ever been to a public shower- Yes, but not fully naked
Have you ever seen another mans penis- Mine
Have you ever touched another mans penis- No
Have you ever masturbated in the presence of another man- No
Have you ever sucked another mans penis- No!
Have you ever showered with another man- No!

Do you wear boxers, breifs, boxer briefs, thongs ect.- Yes
Why do you wear that specific kind- So it will stay....

Are you a virgin- Yez

what is your penis size: 4 Inches
Erect- 4 Inches
Flacid- Dont know
Do you get jealous when you see a bigger penis- only if its someone my age
What are your veiws on homosexuality- I hate it
What do you think about public showers- Gay
Have you ever tasted semen- No

Are you circumsised- No
If no, do you wish you were circumsised- Yes
do you watch pornography- Yes
in what form- Guy-Girl
preferance of style, or genre-
Where do you get it from- Person

while matsutbating, what physical gestures do you make?Dont know
Do you moan? No
Do you use lubricant? Yes
How often do you masturbate- 2-3 Evrey week
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