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"I only regreat that I have one life to give for my country"
Our greatest blessing is that our foes have but one life each to give for theirs.

Did the quote thing work? I don't know, never tried to quote another text.

Bush does not own an Oil Company. He did own an oil exploration company that bought likely land and drilled test wells, but he sold that before his father was vice president. So he's been out of the oil business for 25 years at least.Nor is any member of his family in oil.

Al Gore is from a Tennessee Oil family, and he owns a quite a bit of oil stock. Whatever it was that used to be Standard Oil, I think they were Boaught by Royal Dutch Shell or British Patrolium.

So for review, Save the earth Al Gore gets money form high gas prices, George Bush does not. Al Gore makes money from not drilling for oil in Alaska, George Bush does not.

Haliburton is owned by Lady Bird Johnson, President Lynden Johnson's wife and their children. Haliburten is the one of the worlds largest infrustructure companies. Kellog, Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Haliburton, makes money doing service work for the army so our soldiers can be trained to break things and kill people, Like they are supposed to do. Kellog, Brown and Root has done this meal service and base maitenance job since the 60's. They did this while Lyndon Johnson was still in Office, his family owned the company, and they profited off of the war in Vietnam, while it was happening, while the principle share holder was in the WHITE HOUSE. Bush and Cheney have no connection to the company now, at all, of any kind, and so they make no money. Furthermore, Lady Bird Johnson is a DEMOCRAT, she gives campaign money to DEMOCRATS, so Bush and the Republican's don't even profit by getting campaign contributions.

The only thing Bush gets from Iraq is a brutal dictator out of power, an Iraq that is no longer a threat to Isreal OR Iran, Libya's nuclear weapons program now safely housed in Kentucky, and fledgling democracy in a keystone part of the world. These are all great things, but they don't involve Bush getting any money for it.
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