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Age: 13
Sex: Male

1. Do you masturbate regularly?Like at least 2 times a week
2. When you masturbate, does it make you feel guilty about something?Kind of
3. Does it hurt when you masturbate?:Of course not
4. Does your penis swell around the head after you mastubate:No
5. Does it burn when you pee after you masturbate:Nahh

Puberty and Your Body
6. How far are you along in puberty: 1-2 Yrz
7. What age did you start puberty:12-13
8. Do you have underarm hair yet:Yeah
9. What are you most afraid of about puberty: Nothing Really
10. What do you want to gain from going through puberty:My voice / Looksdeeping, etc.
11. Has your voice changed yet:No
12. If so, what age:13
13. What don't you like about your body?Why?:
14. Do you wish puberty was faster?:Yes
15. What is your sexuality(straight, gay, Bisexual, ect.)?:Straight
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