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Originally Posted by Lily of the Valley View Post
I just put this on my Facebook about an hour ago: "Anyone ever notice how it's always, "Because of my religion, my beliefs are..." instead of "Because of my beliefs, my religion is..."? Seems backwards to me."
Actually it doesn't seem that unusual to me. In a way, the religion can be viewed as an explanation for something, such as the creation of the world. Take the religion that's almost always used as an example, Christianity, it states that god made everything. That is an explanation, it may be a rather vague, ambiguous and over-used one but it's an explanation nonetheless. This explanation allows one to formulate their beliefs.

Think about it this way, which statement makes more sense: 1) I believe that the apple falls to the ground because of gravity, 2) Because I believe in gravity the apple falls to the ground OR 3) I believe in gravity because the apple falls to the ground. If you don't believe in gravity in the first place, then the apple isn't going to fall to the ground, whereas if you do believe in gravity, then the apple will fall to the ground.

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