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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by fade2black View Post
I personally think it's a rather valid question.
My opinion, I really judge by how much it bleeds and how wide the cut is.
Recently mine have been shallow due to the dullness of my resources. It takes about a minute or so to fully get them to stop bleeding, but it isn't that much. Then when they start to heal, they look nothing more than a scratch my cat could have given me.

Then the deeper ones continuously bleed and leave some nasty scars Takes a while for them to stop bleeding and they simply need to be bandaged.

Those are my definitions.

And by the way, just if you don't mind, I'd like to ask where 'Maggot' came about Curious ^^
Ah, okay. What about ones that (should) require stitches? Maybe would those be deep, and any that wouldn't need stitches be 'medium'?

Maggot is a term for a Slipknot fan. When I joined a forum, I didn't like my username, so I preferred to be called by Maggot - since there were plenty girls named Laura already. And I started to sign it because that way, people didn't need to try to remember what to call me. 'Cause god knows I have trouble remember other people's names and nicknames. Now it's just habit, though.

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