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Originally Posted by unknown5
Originally Posted by habook3
I get around it by having my parents let me buy it on iTunes but not telling them about the parental advisory part. Hehe...
Lol, my parents don't even know what I listen to, because I dont buy music anymore.
its people like you that will put me out of business i download music too, but I really like to get it from I Tunes when i have the cash, its not right to me otherwise. the more people pirate music, the more my record label is bound to suffer, die, and burn. Oh, and by the way....while I'm on the subject, I'm expecting Ryan S. to pop the question about a contract with SpotOfColour and huzzah, we will make an album with my makeshift recording studio, and then huzzah, take a small personal loan from the CU and huzzah, lease some time at a local recoring studio, and huzzah, break a deal with I Tunes, and distributers, and see If i cant land a local seller, and maybe a state, or national, when the time comes, BUY MY F*CKING CD'S lol......*flees*

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