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Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
If you believe everything you're told, yes. I, however, have chosen a religion that is already in line with my opinions on several issues and morality. The question is whether or not one should choose their beliefs based on their religion or if they should choose their religion based on their beliefs. I'm much happier with the latter.
Well yes, of course. Whether our religion dictates our beliefs or our beliefs dictate our religion, the fact still stands that our religion reflects our beliefs - which would have been a far better way to state that. Ironically, I just put this on my Facebook about an hour ago: "Anyone ever notice how it's always, "Because of my religion, my beliefs are..." instead of "Because of my beliefs, my religion is..."? Seems backwards to me."

So yes, I entirely, 100% agree with you. I just worded it poorly.

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