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You have your own music label? That's so exciting like the beatles with Apple. I have been told by all my friends that when it comes to music, especially singing, and I'm not trying to be bragidocious, such crass self promotion is beyond my genel nature, but in the interest of humble honesty, I must admit that I have been told by persons whose judgement I respect and appreciate, that I am a really really crap singer.

So as I understand it, like game ratings the parental advisory stickers are volentary. Places like WalMart and Best buy require that albums be subjected to review and given the correct advisory label, and in Wal Mart's case this can lead to being excluded from their shelves. A bigdeal if your target is Wal Mart Shoppers, who use that sort of language all the time.

Now you should ask yourself, who is to blame. Its fucking Al Gore's wife Tipper. She founded the organization that made a fuss. She got the threat of government mandated standards going to threaten the industry. Under the interstate commerce clasue the congress could regulate it, and then the Supreem Court would have to decide what level of protection recordings should be given. It would have been messy and expensive, so the industry rolled. And it is all Tipper Gore's fault.

I have noticed that democrats, when ever they feel like they are looking soft on so called "family values" because they ARE soft on everything defined as a "family value" by those who actually hold those values, that they turn to censorship. Democrats love censorship, its bizzare. Speech codes, limitiations on campaign spending, limits on movies, music and video games. They really are more properly called Progressives rather then liberals. John Locke and Benjamin Franklin, who helped found the original Liberalism, would be horrified by the positions Democrats take on important issues.

I need to learn to write sentances with fewer clauses. I'm getting down right bombastic.
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