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1. Yes, about twice a day.

2. Not really.

3. When I dont use lubricant.

4. Not usually, but it used to I think.

5. No but it takes a while before I can, even if I really needed to before I masturbated.

6. My voice hasnt broken, I have some underarm hair, quite abit of pubic hair and I can cum.

7. 11/12

8. A bit

9. Nothing, I think it's cool that I can be a dad now, I dont want to but it's cool.

10. A much bigger penis and a muscular body

11. It's deeper but it hasnt broken.

12. -

13. I have a bit of puppy fat, but I can tell that when that goes I will have quite a muscular stomach.

14. No I enjoy it. Love every minute.

15. Straight

Sorry, I couldn't be arsed to write out the questions!!! 8)
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