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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by Lily of the Valley View Post
Stopping cutting is easy if people actually decide they're gonna do it. Everyone says it's an addiction, which gives anyone who cuts the addiction mentality - "I can't stop, I'm addicted." Bullshit. If people would stop saying it's addictive and nearly impossible to stop, it wouldn't be a problem. But noooooo. We have to encourage this kind of self-pitying behaviour, don't we?

And before anyone throws a tantrum, I was a cutter for many, many years. Started when I was 13, stopped when I was 14, started again when I was 16, stopped when I was 17. Each time I stopped, I had no problem with it. And each time I started again, I made the conscious, logical decision that although it wasn't the best way to deal with my problems, it wasn't the worst, and I didn't have a problem helping myself through things that way.

Stopping ANY addiction or habbit is never easy. it takes work, and time. like Empty Misery said, some people can quit things easier than others but that doesnt mean quitting itself is EASY.

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