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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Stopping cutting is easy if people actually decide they're gonna do it. Everyone says it's an addiction, which gives anyone who cuts the addiction mentality - "I can't stop, I'm addicted." Bullshit. If people would stop saying it's addictive and nearly impossible to stop, it wouldn't be a problem. But noooooo. We have to encourage this kind of self-pitying behaviour, don't we?

And before anyone throws a tantrum, I was a cutter for many, many years. Started when I was 13, stopped when I was 14, started again when I was 16, stopped when I was 17. Each time I stopped, I had no problem with it. And each time I started again, I made the conscious, logical decision that although it wasn't the best way to deal with my problems, it wasn't the worst, and I didn't have a problem helping myself through things that way.

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