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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

It isn't really my place, but

the fact is things aren't going to change, unless you want them to change, if you're willing to put the effort in. Yes its an addiction, yes its hard to stop. But it is possible, and I speak from experience. You have to want to stop. You're addicted, I get that. But many people are addicted, and yet still want to stop. If you don't want help, if you just want to cope like that, then no-one on earth can help you.If your receptive, and willing to listen to good, solid advice, then the people on here are great, they've helped me enormusly. It doesn't do you any good I know from experience, to just get sugar coated, oh poor you advice. You need to be told. You talk to people, you try, at least try, to move past this.Like I said, people on this site are great, very helpful, willing to listen.But you can't expect that cutting is going to change your circumstances, or make everything, its not. You want to change, you have to try. Put some effort in. Pm me if you want
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