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1. Do you masturbate regularly? Yes
2. When you masturbate, does it make you feel guilty about something? global warming
3. Does it hurt when you masturbate? if i do it too many times
4. Does your penis swell around the head after you mastubate? no
5. Does it burn when you pee after you masturbate? no

Puberty and Your Body
6. How far are you along in puberty? most of it done
7. What age did you start puberty? 12/13 maybe
8. Do you have underarm hair yet? yeh
9. What are you most afraid of about puberty? growing up too fast
10. What do you want to gain from going through puberty? a bigger dick
11. Has your voice changed yet? yeh
12. If so, what age? 14/15
13. What don't you like about your body?Why? Although i'm not skinny or fat, im quite bony
14. Do you wish puberty was faster? no
15. What is your sexuality(straight, gay, Bisexual, ect.)? straight
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