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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by rukiayua View Post
self destruction??? this is the only thing that is keeping me wanna tlk about self destruction.......then watch my do you figure that this is prohibiting me from being like anyone else???? just because i'm addicted to what feels good to me??? whatever
so your telling me that your relying on self harm to keep you alive
thats just stupidly stupid
you ever think youll stop with that attitude then you are extremely mistaken
And yes it is self destructive
you are damaging and destroying yourself

your addicted to what feels good
your addicted to the endorphin rush which can be achieved in other ways
look it up

and yes it is prohibiting you from being like a normal person
you have to hide your scars
you have to constantly be reminded of the harm youve brought onto yourself
unless of course you have your arms bare for the world to see which then provokes abusive behavior towards you

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