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Originally Posted by DarkShadows View Post
I believe that there MAY be a god. Whether that be God (capital 'G') or just a higher power, is beyond me. I'm NOT certain that there is. And I don't believe in Jesus. I also do not believe in creationism. I believe that if there is a g/God that they may have played a part in the evolution process.
I believe that religion dominates too many people's lives. If they could just get their head out of their beliefs, they would see that there ARE other people like them, whether they have the same beliefs as them. There's so many different schools of thought on religion, and those have all caused wars sometime in history.

What would happen if we all just accepted each other and loved each other, despite our beliefs?
that's what we do in my family pal
we are muslims and we accept every body as they are.
my girlfriend is christian, and when i told my parents, they were like "thats cool ^^"

introduction here :

I was circumsized a few months ago, and i dont regret it

and to all those who say 14 is too young to have sex because i'm barely starting puberty, i say f*** you, it went just real fine, and i dont regret it ...
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