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Default Confused..

I am in love with guys, yes. I think about them 24/7, and dream about them. But until, maybe, a few years ago, I...well, look at girls different now. Not, in a gross or..perverted way, but..I can't explain it.

For example..I think I'm in love with this one girl on the t.v show- The L-Word. her characters' name. Aghhh! When I first saw her, and she spoke, my heart melted, and I thought to myself,' I really like her', I mean, she's beautiful, and dressed like a punk in there..she just plays a girl that makes me wanna pass out. And I haven't been able to get her off my mind.. I know that she's just a character on the show, but I think..that possibly..I could be interested in girls..because of her.

I have looked at porn before, and stuff, but..I prefer looking at girls, than at guys and girls having sex...

I guess, I'm just extremely confused... I've had boyfriends, and I've loved him..but..whenever I see a certain girl, or that girl in the show for the just throws me off as to who I am..and what I'll be in the future.

Can anyone help me?
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