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Originally Posted by unknown5
Haha, hey krzwis. and don't be ashamed to ask questions about puberty, thats what this forum is for, anywho im Kevin, welcome to VT!
***violently shakes finger at unknown5*** and what about the debate form, you just gonna leave that in the bastard only ONE fourm (just happens to be the most popular) is about puberty. The rest of the site (the really cool part) is about life in general, you can debate, talk about music and movies, art, showcase your poetry or stories, talk about troublesome experiences that you need to vent. Get a member diary and talk about everyday life. Dicuss sticky relationships that just arent going you way, meet new people, new friends......NOT JUST PUBERTY...there is so much more then that, so much more indeed. Welcome to Virtual Teen, Im kolte, hello.

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