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Default Finally ending my thoughts about you w/humor

Finally ending my thoughts about you

I will not miss our sweet embraces,
Nor the way you looked so cute with silver braces.
Though I miss our secret kiss,
Our love then, was nothing more but endless bliss.

You had chosen to leave me,
Heartbroken, and there left to bleed.
But alas, I should be happy,
For with you, my life was crappy.
You made me feel guilty for speaking with other guys,
Remember that one time it caused you to cry?

Ah! The pain you caused me!
When you said we could no longer be.
I had never felt so alone,
That was until my family and friends told me not to moan.
They eagerly mentioned they'd break your legs,
Though, I'd recommend them to stay away.

They lifted my spirits by saying there was another out there for me,
And I thought to myself..How true it can be!
I laughed alongside my friends,
For I knew now, my life had not reached it's end.
It's true, you and I were once happy with each other,
But now, who needs another?

I'm happy for who I am,
Even though alone I stand.
But wait! That's a lie,
For I have friends and family alive.
They made me even more happy then when I was with you,
Perhaps, I'm much better without you.

And so, my friends and family, I'd like to thank you,
For you were there with my biggest fall.
You caught me and spoke sweet words, causing me to smile.
You know what? I'm going to be okay for quite a while..
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