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i lay in bed waiting for a answer
some one to tell me why im here
and why am i bleeding the bruises
hurt and i feel pain in my chest
my eyes are swollen and i fell as if the sky is fallen on me and i carry the weight of the world everyone depends on me to save them to give them the answer they are looking for i still i dont know what is my purpose and why am i here why does the world count on me why does everyone want answers and why do they think im the onlyone who can give it to them again i question my sanity am i okay or am i gonig crazy everything is hazy for me when i see through these swollen eyes to my surprise the answers im looking for are inside of me then i see they count on me cuz i am frinedly and i feel peoples pain because i ve been there done that then i look inside my past everything i questioned was being answered only i was the only one not listening to what was right in front of me ...... if only id open my eyes then id see all the answers i seeked for layed inside me.

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only because the world made me this way.
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