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Default Should the Internet be Run by the UN

This comes out of another post about Bush and bad things happening. The United Nations wants to take the internet out of the hands of the Nonprofit corporation for a the assignment of domain names and numbers, the company that sets the standards that allow all computers on the internet to talk to each other. This is an independant corporation that does not seek to turn a profit. Nor does it do anything to help protect the internet from viruses and the like. It keeps the infrastructure as bare bones as possible so hosters, service providers, and end users can do anything they want with it. Its not the best way to send things like live video because the pieces get routed all over the place, a direct solid connection would work better for that, but the folks in charge leave it up to us to figure out how to do that, if that's what we want.

Well certain countries at the UN think the internet needs to be part of that orginization, internatioanlized. These Countries are China, Iran, Namibia, etc. Other countries, like Europe don't like a US nonprofit being in charge for the whole world in which they get no say, and can't really regulate it. And its a prestige thing too, it is an american company.

I think the UN and its Dizzing Diet of Dictators and Despots should keep their hands off. I mean the UN has doen such a good job preventing wars and attrocities like Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and now Darfur. Not to mention Polpot. They have eradicated world hunger through UNICEF. IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency has kept Nations from developing nuclear weapons. Nations like Pakistan, India, North Korea, and Libya. Not to mention the rowsing success that one the Head of the IAEA a Nobel Peace Prize for STOPPING Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Is this the people we really want running our internet? Thoughts? Alternatives? Any one? Beuler? Beuler?
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