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Serial-t, Wuhuh? Right not to be hear is more importnat then the right to speak out. That must be some wacky Canadian varient I'm not familier with. Having been accused of being to USA oriented on the Dane's cartoon thread I'll assume that there is some right in Canada that they don't teach us about in our substandard non french speaking american schools.

National rivlaries aside it is generally accepted that parents are allowed to brainwash their children in accordance with tradition. Its not really logical, but it is tradition, and traditions are important, because without them we wouldn't haul trees into our homes every year, cover them with flashing lights and shiny bits of plastic, and say it's for Baby Jesus. I mean logically it makes no friggen sense at all, but its tradition, so this anual bit of madness is permmited. (Little Jews are reduced to telling all the gentiles they get EIGHT days of presents, even though they are usually socks.)

Well music warnings are just another little tradition. It doesn't need to make sense, its just one of those things, like Uncle Olaf getting drunk and accusing your grandmother of trying to poison him every christmas. Your not really expected to like it, just tolerate it. Its tradition, and if you don't, baby jesus will cry.

Wow, now thats a sarcastic sacroligeous post. Sorry to any one I offended with my lyrics, I mean words. Unless your Swiss. If your Swiss I don't give a crap.
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