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Its not spamming 'cause most of the time I'd let the typo go, but that one looked like a joke waiting to be told, so I told it.

Koler, your just upset because when you said you wanted to keep your cold medicine Koler totally slammed you with his personal experience with meth addicts in his neghborhood proving that you were wrong and that meth should be stopped.

Wait, there is something not quite right. *read read read* Billy likes cold medicen, Dfsg thinks Tom Cruise is right, Koler thinks I'm an anal retentive asshole (best kind if you ask me, the other kind gets crap on everything) Don't want to curse methheads every time... Ah hah. I thought there was a contradiction but I see now that proximity gives you empathy.

So Koler wins, I think. Maybe. Can you call "Offsides" in a debate? Moderator's house rules I suppose so we turn to the moderator for a ruling and that would be... Koler. Aww, man.
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