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Red face Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by narelle View Post
Excuse me, but I dont think its creepy that my dad bought me a vibrator at all. I think it shows he cares about me. And if you must know, I wasnt 13 when he got it for me, i was actually 11. Me and my little sister dont have a mother to talk to and confide in. My Dad has taught me more than most mothers I know. The reason why he bought me a vibrator was because he walked in on me when i was experimenting with my mobile phone on vibrate alert. I didnt hear him come home and when he heard my phone ringing for ages he came into my room to answer it. He wasn't impressed when he saw what i was doing with my phone. He said it wasnt very hygenic to be rubbing my mobile on myself. He sat down and we had a long talk the health issues of using unsterolized things on my private parts. Now he doesnt know everything about girls health but he sure did tell me more than what i get told at school or from any of my friends. He told me the dangers of sticking things in that could break my hymen and unclean objects could cause an infection. He could see and understand that I my figure was changing and I was starting to go through puberty. He just wanted me to BE SAFE and aware of all the possible health issues. He would rather know that I am masturbating in a safe and healthy enviroment and that anything i used was clean. Dad has been very good at bringing us up without a mother. Hes always there for us. I suppose you think its creepy that he bought me cocoa butter to rub on my breasts when they started to grow? Refer to my other post about the use of cocao butter for more info. The bottom line is that my dad isnt creepy, I take offence that you can imply that about a man you dont even know.

Hey look I didn't mean any offense honestly! that was just my opinion, maybe i should have put in in a more tactful perspective. anyway your dad sounds like a good single father raising two young daughters on his own; that ain't a easy thing to do, i have much respect for that, i guess your dad was just doing what he thought at the time was redundant. oh and for the record i dont think your dad buying you cocoa butter is creepy at all, i completely understand that process hurts. By the way if you don't mind me asking what happened to your mother!
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