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Name: Cassie
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Default A man from the shadows...

I sit on the top shelf.
I fall, my back hits the floor.
My head hits the cold tile.

I sit up, and then dart to…
the object on the other side of the room.
I grab it. Clutch it in my rough palms.
Blood drips from my hand…
and then falls and hits the white tile.

Before I run away I look up and…
stare at the man hiding in the shadows…
in the corner of the room. Then I run.
I trip the object goes into me. I scream.
The man comes out from the shadows…
stands over me and then says, “That what
you get for running with scissors.”

He picks me up. I scream in pain. He
pulls the object out of me. I scream again.
Blood splatters onto his pale white face.
Blood drips and hits the white tile. I survived.

The man lays me at his feet my t-shirt soaks…
up the puddle of black and red blood.
I touch my belly. It’s bleeding. A chunk…
of me is missing, but I still sit there breathing.
My life will be scared.
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