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Default Alone and in Pain

Alone and In Pain

Bleeding scars, show how much I hurt for you,
Those days we spent together, Now seem so few.
I loved you more than one could know,
I'm trying not to let those single pains show.

Why did you leave me?
How come you and I could no longer be a 'we'?

You will live a different life without me,
How can you, the one I love, let this be?

Friends try and help me along the way,
Saying someday, they'll make you pay,
But secretly, I will never let this happen to you,
Even though I stayed with you, you withdrew.

My heart aches,
Every awakening day,
And this is why I question myself on life,
Shall I live or shall I die?
I hope you see my disappearing out of your life a blessing for you,
If not, it is much to late for another rescue.
Forgive my mistakes I beg of you,
I swear your heart will be back to new.

I may be dead by the time you read this,
But let us not forget, I was your first true kiss.
My memory will slowly fade away,
But please think of me, just this one last day.

You will have a special place, within heart, my sweetheart,
Even if the grave..sets us apart.

[This a first one, really. I am not very good at poems, but I write them to express what I am feeling at the moment. I much prefer writing, though.. Lol.]
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