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Hi. ^^;;

You can call me..DADA, My name is Crystal, but I hate it with a passion, me Chris, or whatever name you can think of. xD

Anyways.. Uhm, I'm a homeschooled, high schooler;I've been homeschooled since 8th grade. I prefer public school, but since I screwed up when I went there [almost not passing], I am stuck here with homeschooling, which isn't a bad thing...but-shrugs- And yes, I tend to ramble on. xD

Anyhow, uhm.. I have two things I love more than anything else in this world, besides family & friends. Harry Potter & Star Wars. I love Harry Potter. Love <3333 Star Wars, the same. <333

I am..a complete and utter dork, but..I can be serious at the same time, as well as funny, and sarcastic.

You'll more or less get to know me.. [=
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