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Default Moving on, though with difficulty

Myself and my ex, decided to stop going together around July, the third. Yes, quite pathetic that I remember when we stopped, but anyhow. Obviously, that was a while ago..But I still can't move on. I do reliaze, that I probably look extremely stupid for not moving on, or not being able to get my thoughts off him,'s hard.

I feel trapped for some reason. I mean, I recently found out..he now has a girlfriend, and me, I have no one. I I should have someone. I feel that..because I don't have a boyfriend, he may think that..I'm not over him, and that I'm still in love with him.. Agh. Being a teen is hard.

Anyways, I guess..I just really want to know what everyone thinks about this... I mean..I don't believe I'm obessed, hurts to know he moved on..and it looks like I haven't...

I believe..I'm more or less heartbroken, because he was my first, real boyfriend, and we went together for over a year and a half. -shrugs-

...I'm just..alone.
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