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Well, the Wall street Journal had an artical about the deal last October. So we've known about it for a while. The Coast Guard, which apperently handles port security had questions as of Dec. 15, but those have since been resolved. It was only after the deal was signed and aproved by all regulatory agencies that any one in the television media even noticed. The Wall Street Journal is a big newspaper with significant readership.

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and FOX have really been letting us down lately. As have the Newyork times and Washington Post etc. I mean CBS forges documents and Dan Rather gets forced out. NBC has been caught blowing things up for rateings, but its been years. The New York Times seems jealouse of the Daily Show and the Onion being able to just make news up. And Dick Cheney shoots a man and the Washington Post doesn't notice. Would still be clueless if they hadn't been scooped by a little paper in Corpus Christy Texas who beat them using that old staple of investigative journalism "answering the Phone and writing down what your told."

Our Media sucks wet horse balnkets, and this Dubai Termininal opperations deal is a continuing example of just how much it sucks.

I want to hit them with one of their own newspapers rolled up like I'd hit a naughty puppy. "Bad! Bad Media, no ratings!"
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