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Nestle tells mothers in africa to use baby formula beacuase it is healthier then breastfeeding, but then the mothers have to water it down because they can't afford it and their babies slowly starve to death.

Swiss cantons or administrative districts must vote unanimously to grant citicenship to a forien resident, including husbands and wives of swiss nationals. One person can black ball you and deny you citizenship forever.

Switzerland revoked a Kosovar yugoslovs visa when nato intervened in Kosovo and ejected him from the country to go back to war torn Kosovo where he hadn't been in 15 years.

Switzerland granted women the right to vote in 1979, or I should say not until 1979.

OK, so they have been getting better. They now will reveal names of account holders, sometimes, of their banks to fight terrorism. They still fight tooth and nail to hide russian mob bosses' mony.

And bein' land locked 'tis hard for me to sail me barque into port and loot them's treasures with me pirate crew, Arrr!

....Oh (stay on topic, stay on topic) and they might supress freedom of speech. I don't know but I bet they make sure that no one ever tells any one about how they suppress it, that's how much they supress it. I suspect. But lack proof because they cover up the proof. With their supression!

(yes, i know its circular, its supposed to be funny)
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