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It's difficult to tell sometimes. It's clear as day if they single you out and hang around you a lot (though they might actually work for the CIA), or if they smile at you a lot and laugh at many of your jokes. Some will even touch you when in conversation (though girls tend to do this anyway, it may just mean you don't repulse them!). The more confident girl might even ask you out, or over to their house.

On the other hand, a girl might like you a lot, but is quite shy...understandably so, if you've ever held back because you feared rejection. There's a fine line between shy awkwardness and uncomfortability, but if you are confident enough and try to make your attraction clear the ball is in her court. If she still tolerates you despite your subtle advances it's a good bet she likes you. If, however, she responds by spraying mace in your face, you should probably never speak to her again.
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