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Serial, Meth can't be made without ephedrin or pseudo ephedrin. Meth cooks simply can't make epehdrin or pseodo ephedrin, it is too complex to make in any thing remotely resemebling stealth, and it is complex to make as well, involving multiple stages.
In the late 70's colubian drug lords beagan curring their cocain with a drug called rupinol. It was a specialized pain medication but its use was limited. The resulting mix was called ruppies. It was once used more then heroin or coacain or any other illicit drug, just like meth is today. But they convinced the manufacturers to stop making it. Today you will never have any one offer you rupies, know any one who OD's on it, and meet very few people that even remember it. It can't be made any more, because there is no rupinol on earth to make it out of.
So, Meth CAN be stopped. It can be gone from the world in six months. So how bad does Meth epedemic have to get before we should stop it? Or do we let it go because it impacts poor and minority people more and we don't care about them.
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