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even though no-one replied to the first story, i'm still gonna post another (annoying lol)


Kathy Heart had never enjoyed her job. From the stack of paperwork that never seemed to go down, to her colleagues who never saved her a donut and her boss who always made sexual remarks. So as Kathy sat miserably at her desk, in her shabby office, she thought what was the point? Indeed she’d contemplated this question many times before, but she could never find a worthy answer. So when her assistant entered with a smile on her round face, cheerily saying “the boss wants to see you!” it looked like Kathy was about to find out the answer.

John Smith was the best publisher in the business, no matter what he was given; he could always make it sell. Crime novels with obvious endings, romantic stories with unrealistic sex scenes, and even comedy’s that didn’t raise a single smile. But despite his past successes Mr Smith was a sour man that rarely had anything cheerful to say. So with much hesitation she entered his office.

“Hello john.” Kathy said fakery. “Mr Smith, please” replied Mr Smith sharply. Kathy realised at this point, that she was a dead woman walking. John Smith had fired many employees in his fifteen years as editor. Maria Cliff who had cried for forty-five minutes, Sharon Weathered who locked herself in the stationary cupboard, and poor Debbie Ellis who hanged herself, the very next day. Yes, Kathy knew the look Mr Smith was giving her, and she prepared to bite the bullet.

“I’ve got a special assignment for you. “ Mr Smith said crudely. “Well I understand sir downsizing and...What!” cried Kathy with amazement. “Yes I got a new account for you, a new shit chick flick, need a top employee to make it sell.” said Mr Smith roughly. “I am putting a lot of trust in you, now don’t let me down.” Replied Mr Smith a ghost of a smile crossing his face. To understand Kathy Heart you have to realise luck, had never been with her. She had lost the junior female tennis championship on a double fault, she missed out on a place in Cambridge by one mark and her ex-husband cheated on her, with her best friend. So as she walked happily out of Mr Smiths office, it seemed like Kathy’s luck had finally turned up.

Kathy walked to her office proudly, sitting confidently at her desk. She began to plan the campaign that, she hoped, would launch her career. She typed furiously for several minutes, every single detail slowly being calculated in her brain. After several hours of work, she was ready to go home. There are certain points in a person’s life, when everything’s seems perfect and nothing can go wrong. Kathy had several moments like this though out her life. Her university graduation when she got her degree, giving birth to her beautiful son and her wedding, which unlike the marriage itself, went flawlessly. But as she bounded out of her office, her boss, bob slapped her firmly on the behind, she realised that this wasn’t one of them.

A Wiseman once said that you can’t get anywhere without hard work. Sadly history contradicts him on several occasions. The majors son who gets accepted to university without him even studying, the model who gets plastic surgery and earns millions or the bully who gets the clever kids to do there homework for them. Indeed history is filled with these, but Kathy thankfully wasn’t one of them. Yet as she saw the dumb blonde with the enormous breasts getting her promotion, she thought that the Wiseman really, should have done some research.

Despite the gigantic blow of her promotion going to the office tart. Kathy hadn’t given up; she worked tirelessly for the next four months, slowly yet carefully creating the perfect opening night for the new book. Despite the many pitfalls that littered her path to success, she kept on going. Kathy had never been one to give up, from her marriage to an adulterous husband, to her best friend with a gambling problem and her ten mile jog, which she could have given up after five, but she made it to seven. But as she sat in the clean conference room waiting for the presentation to begin, she was glad that she had never given up. Then Juliet Bowstrom the author, of the book strode in to the office, and Kathy wished, she hadn’t even bothered.

Juliet Bowstrom wasn’t an author who wrote for the emotion experience or the art of storytelling neither for the pleasure her work brought to the public. No, sadly Ms Bowstrom cared about money and very little else. So as Kathy stood there ridged with fear in front of Miss Bowstrom set of advisers, she felt doom wrap its cold fist round her neck. The presentation droned on with Kathy quickly diminishing self esteem unable to cope with the icy stares fired at her by Juliet. But even before she drawn breath for the opening speech Kathy had know the outcome.

Kathy was by many people standards not a violet person. She had kept her calm when she found out her friend had copied her in exam, she reasonably dealt with her son, when he cheated on a test and she coolly dismissed her husband, when he cheated on her. But as Juliet Bowstrom stood up with a smug and self loving expression firmly sketched across her face and smoothly declared “it is awful!” Kathy realised she could always make an exception.

As Kathy sat quietly in Mr Smith’s office waiting for the dreaded axe to fall, she realised with some surprise she just really didn’t care. So with a sudden surge of strength she walked confidently to her office and printed out the most dreaded document in publishing. Walking back in to Mr Smith’s far too tidy office, she discovered him already sitting there. Kathy suddenly knew that axe was going to fall much slower then she would have liked.

Mr Smith had fired many people in his time; he had always found it very annoying that they could never come to a reasonable solution. Betty Davis who had insisted on her office computer, to Sharon Berry who wanted to get paid leave and Sissy Wolf who wanted to bring home. Her assistant. Indeed in all his years in publishing, Mr Smith had never once had a successful solution to letting someone go. So as Kathy heart slapped down her resignation on his desk before firmly punching him, hard in the face, he was surprised to find that they had both got exactly what they wanted.
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