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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

There were little signs all throughout early years but for me personally I grew up in a Christian school environment (heavily conservative, no tolerance, blah blah you're going to hell blah) and it was all very sheltered. So I had (and really, none of us guys did I think, or at least never discussed it!) no idea about masturbation or, until later in middle school, homosexuality and such.

I actually discovered masturbating out of an extreme need to do- well something about my need to take care of a problem I had no idea how to cope with. That was at 13, nearly 14. I just instinctively started at it and luckily had read about (I know, nerd) sex and rather than freaking out at the semen, I had a lightbulb click on in my head. (Actually, a lot of lightbulbs. Lots of jokes in movies/tv made a looooooot of sense after that moment.)

I went a few weeks doing it over the toilet before one morning I had just woken up with an... urge- and started. I began to think about my best friend at the time and realized that it made the whole thing more interesting.

From that point I realized guys were significant to me somehow, but didn't put a name to it (in this case, bi) until a year later. I didn't fully accept that I was gay until this past summer, age 17.

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