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Default Parental Advisory/Editing

All these cd's are coming out with Perental Advisory stickers on them now because bands tend to not use the most pleasing of words according to parents. And for those cd's, if a kid wants it so bad yet their parents dont approve of it they can buy their kid the Edited version. Personally i think it is all stupid. Not that i am in conflict with this matter, but it just bothers me that companies go over music and edit out words to make it more appropriate. For one, it makes the song sound terrible with random short pauses every so often and also, music is music. it is a cultural ideal that has been around for millions of years and i dont think that peoples creations should be run over and shaped up.and for the Parental Advisory stickers, i dont mind them that much i mean because it is a good way just to show parents that the cd contains some language but i think it is overrated these days and people take it too seriously. But thats just me, what do others think? is offline   Reply With Quote