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cosmos, u really need to STFU!
I havent seen u post one smart thing since u got here... and Im great with windows and know all of its ups and downs. I even know the basic source coding for the OS! I know C, C++, Python, Visual Basics, Cold Fusion, HTML, XTML, DHTLM, CSS, SQL, and the basis of PHP!
Oh, and lil dipshit, why so cocky anyway? U usin Linux? I can understand people with Macs WHO ARE SMART, buuuut ur definitely not smart!

DO NOT go runnin ur mouth to people u THINK u r better than... I don't even think u know a thing about process interlacing for explorer. bitch, don't piss me off >.<

GOD! I hate people like that! so damn cocky and they have shit for brains.

Really sorry for all of the swearin and crap I said to everyone else. Somethin had to be said...

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It is about seeing beyond the imperfections.
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