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Default her death is still on my conscience

so this happened a few years ago n some of my friends know about it but basiacly a few years ago, just before freshman year my friend katy killed herself. and the reason i feel guilty is, i could have stopped her and i didnt. so basically i was dealin wiht my own shitty life that summer from other things, her n i had been buds for some time. n well i was just watchin some tv n she called me in tears talkin about killin herself, and i dont know what the hell i was thinking. i told her i was busy. I WAS WATCHING TV! i found out a few days later from her friend that she killed herself. i still blame myself for not doin more then, n ive been trying to do more since. and maybe its cuz of how my mom used to treat me... but w/e i do to help somone is never good enough for me.
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