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Default Ok, my songs THEY'RE GONE!

Ok, so i live off music and i have an iPod thus i use iTunes as my default music listener thing. SOO, today i was freeing up alot of space and i stumbled over my Microsoft Media Player and i looked in media,found alot of stuff to delete and did, the looked in Audio and found again lots of stuff so i deleted it. Im guessing those were the origional files for all the music ive downloaded not using iTunes or from cd's. so now i cant play about 3/4 of the songs on my iTunes because the origional files are gone. I can just listen to my ipod because it doesnt effect it, but id like to be able to use itunes. Does anybody have an idea on how i can get those files back quickly? because if not i guess ill just be downloading lots and lots of songs each day and filling my My Music folder with the files is offline   Reply With Quote