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I felt horrible. No, worse than that. I felt the lowest of low. The others had left, taking their cues from Rip, Ham, and Iris. I didn't want anyone mad at me! In my mind, I knew I was trying to blame someone, to get the pressure off of myself, but there was no one here to blame. Yes, Shamus had provoked me, but I didn't need to overreact like that. I could've just yelled at him, but noooo.
Signed, I looked at the table beneath the shiny ball of ice. And idea hit me. I'd make a brand new table out of scratch, much better than the rickety, wobbly old card table we'd been using. Something huge so we weren't squished. Made of a beautiful, dark wood. With gold embellishments. Something that looked straight out of the Middle Ages…something fit for a king. But mind you, it had to fit in the dining room.
Taking a calming breath, I set to work immediately. All the elements I had thought of came to form a perfect picture. As soon as I was done with the table, I'd make chairs to go with it, and clean up the fragments of the previous one.
With a deep, deep breath, I pushed the image from my mind, biding it to appear in front of me. The air seemed to shimmer, and I could almost see the outline of my work. But suddenly, it felt like some drove a stake through my skull. Lightning fast, my hands clutched my head and fell to my knees with a moan and a loud thump. The pain intensified, send spasms through my muscles. I don't know if I screamed, but I could hear the kitchen door open and someone walk over, but I couldn't open my eyes to see anything.
The pain was so bad, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My face was wet with tears, and I was on the floor, but other than that, I could feel nothing, save for whatever possessed my body to be tortured. Truthfully, I was expecting to die soon. Or pass out.
With one final, agonizing burst that seemed to last for hours, the pain receded to a sharp throbs, but my head cleared. Slightly. My bones still burned, but I didn't feel like the Angel of Death was descending on my body any longer.

I spent about a half hour in the dark, musty kitchen (the fact that the kitchen was both dark and musty made me question whether our food was sanitary). I mainly thought about hating Rowena, and how unnecessary it was for her to conjure the bees. I had sustained several stings at breakfast, and I was pretty much just fuming.
Nothing was my fault, I assured myself. Nothing! I said to myself, and two pots I was floating around zipped out of my control, colliding with each other, then each one landing at separate ends of the room. As if on cue, there was a scream from the dining room.
Still not fully recovered from my retraction from the real world, I lazily investigated it; it was Ro.

I opened my eyes, but quickly had to close them again, even the dim light of the dining room causing my brain to malfunction.
"What-was that?" I asked, attempting to sit up. Everyone (except Shamus, of course) was crowded around me.
"Stay down," Ham instructed. Obediently, I followed his instructions and leaned back.
"You attempted something beyond your skill level," Rip said vaguely.
"What do you mean, 'beyond my skill level?' Just before I made that table, or tried to anyone, I had just produced a swarm of bees and soup for everyone. I fought Shamus with my powers before! Heck, I've BLINDFOLDED my whole HIGHSCHOOL before! How could a simple table be too hard for me?" I started to shout. My whole head was seized in a mass of painful fireworks, which didn't help my condition. Realizing how stupid that rant had been, I groaned in pain.
"It was a big thing, and you did it completely from scratch. You've got to build up to that point," Iris explained softly, in her caring way. I smiled grimly and sat up, clutching my head as though it were going to fall off. Everyone urged me to stop, but I disobeyed.
"I guess that means I should start training?" I asked. I looked around for Shamus and saw him lying low, near the door. There was some sort of look of concern on his face, but it wasn't very deep. I was about to call something extremely insulting out to him, but after catching glares from both Ham and Iris, I bite my response back. Yeah, staying quiet would just be easier.

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