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Originally Posted by Peanut Butter
Ya sometimes I look back and I am like what happened. I miss playing X-men, and power rangers with my friends. I miss my imagination. I still have it but it has diff things in it. I wish that I could write the stories like i used to. The poems I used to. I guess we are just going to keep on changing and that is something about life we just have to deal with.
If no one'd make fun of me, I'd go back and do all those little kid stuff. But not Chuck-E-Cheese's, cuz I thought that was childish from the start!

Also, a good thing about puberty is that you gain more respect from your parents. Well, I gained a little. I still have an early bedtime (9:30). That was my bedtime when I was eight years old. And I'm 15 in a little less than 3 months.

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