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Elizabeth May Roberts had married Romeo Gomez on may 4th 1960 and it was safe to say, from the moment he had brought her home, the young Mrs Gomez had hated every moment with her husband. From his snooty secretary who never passed on her messages, to his friends who always forgot her name and his mother who always complained. Indeed Elizabeth May Gomez had never settled into her glamorous lifestyle, no matter now hard she tried.
It came as no surprise, to her at least, that not so young Ms Gomez started an affair.

His name was Rob Smith a common bricklayer from Southampton, unlike the many other wives on her pricey estate; she neither started the affair for wealth nor passion. Indeed the woman, who seemed to have it all, fell in love with a man who laid bricks. However Elizabeth shared an unattractive trait from her expensive neighbours. Greed, no matter the amount of his caring, the volume of his commitment or the vastness of there attraction, her love for her credit card reined supreme.

Indeed decades past, and the Gomez’s marriage held solid, but unfortunately so did the affair. No matter how rude her husband was, or how lonely she felt, she never quite managed the final farewell. Not that Elizabeth had not attempted to break the marriage, but something always got in her way, may it be a trip to Paris, a brand new set of gold earrings or a trip to her favourite spa, something always kept her from completing her final exit, up until now.

Sundance café was the best of its kind; it served the finest meat, the freshest vegetables and the most fattening deserts. But obviously the proof was in the pudding or in this case the price. “No I couldn’t possibly let you pay for this Rob” said Elizabeth fumbling in her hand bag. “No” replied rob resting his hand on Elizabeth’s. “Let me pay for this, this one time.” “Well” stated Elizabeth, giving him a knowing glance. “If you must.” Snapping her handbag closed.

Elizabeth was suspicious, Rob, being a brick layer, hadn’t enough money to afford to eat at Sundance café on regular bases. Indeed on the few occasions he had brought her to a place of this quality, the news was never good. “I am getting a divorcé!” cried Rob on a river In Venice. “Will you marry me?” sang Rob on top of the Eiffel Tower. “I am getting back with my wife” droned Rob next to the wall of china. So you could forgive Elizabeth to hold this particular situation with someone what reserve. Rob took a deep breath. “I only have 6 months to live.” Rob stated shortly, and it was safe to say, what ever Elizabeth May Gomez had expected, that hadn’t been it.

Elizabeth sputtered wordlessly for several seconds. “What, how?” she finally managed. “It’s my heart, they say it’s gonna pack in…eventually” sighed Rob. “There must be something they can do!” said Elizabeth. “No there isn’t enough time.” Rob answered sadly. A waiter appeared next to them “what would sir and Madame like to drink?” “Red wine please.” Rob replied “whisky!” snapped Elizabeth. “Now darling we really must discuss this.” Started rob concerned. “Make it a double” Called Elizabeth, clicking her fingers.

“Right so how long you got” Elizabeth ask with regret. “As I said roughly 6 months.” Said Rob a ghost of smile returning. “Well I must admit, you’re taking it better then I am.” Elizabeth stated smiling. Rob laughed heartily, clenching his hand round hers, he asked “leave him, and marry me!” And for the first time in Elizabeth’s life, she couldn’t find a single reason to say no.

Elizabeth sat back, on the comfortable leather seat in the back of her limo. Elizabeth had never been good in difficult situations. From the time she had been forced to enter a ballet completion, to the time she had bee requested to make a speech at her sisters wedding, all the way up to the moment Romeo had purposed, Elizabeth had never made the right choice. But this time, she was ready for a change.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love Rob or the fact that she still loved Romeo indeed if only it was that simple. But sadly, Romeo had had a trump card still left To play, his wallet. As Elizabeth lay in her empty marital bed, in her empty mansion, she realised that something’s were more important then money, but sadly Rob wasn’t one of them. But as she lay pondering on the problem now facing her, Elizabeth realised that some times, you just had look at something from a different angle.

Mrs Gomez wasn’t a bad person; in fact, by many peoples standard she wasn’t even close. She cried when Bambi’s mum was shot, she gave money to charity; she even helped old ladies cross the street, if only when she had the time. So when Elizabeth May Gomez finally came upon the solution that would let her have it all, she thought for a single moment was it worth her soul. Her eyes caught her favourite red dress, and in turn she knew that goodness was over rated.

Romeo Gomez admired his favourite painting, standing at the top of the impressive staircase; he looks on his past achievements with pride. From the day he got his first pay check, past the day he fired his first employee, to the slightly anti-climatic marriage to Elizabeth. He had thought he lived a pretty good life. So as her gazed upon the fine painting, he felt a level of competent, his wife had never experienced.

Maybe this could explain why, no matter how hard they tried, that Mr and
Mrs Gomez could never agree. From the car that she thought was far to flash, the dress that he thought was to slutty and the engagement she was thought was far to short, But if there was one thing, the mellow tempered Romeo Gomez would never negotiate it was this: “if you have an affair, you’re going to get to my money, over my dead body. So now Ironic that, as Elizabeth pushed her husband down the stair to his death, they finally agreed on something.

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