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I never denied the existence of other forces of nature, however, I do want to reconcile the dispute that electromagnetism is keeping us from collapsing towards the inside of our bodies. Gravity has affects on particles that carry gravitons, right? Right. And every atom in our body has gravitons, and therefore gravity, correct? Correct. So, something that has gravity naturally pulls other objects or materials towards itself that, in which, have gravity themselves. This makes the particles tighter to each other, making an object, materials, atom, etc. more dense. The compression intensifies the "strength" and "endurance" of said material, and therefore, gives it support. This support, of course, is what gives structure, definition, and stability to any materials holding gravity. Since we have this support to every atom in our body, we do not collapse in to our selves, nor do we fall to the center of the earth. Electromagnetism might have something to do with the "linking" of atoms to make structured molecules, however, gravity is what is supporting those atoms in the first place.

Have we reached any agreement with that yet?

I believe Intelligent Design is, in fact, a theory. That states enough as is, eh?

Erm, just for the record, I'd like to state I am Catholic!

And yes, I have never met someone quite as determined as you, so I take joy in reading your posts and I appreciate that you read mine as well. I'll keep trying to teach you (hopefully more as well) and encourage open-mindedness as long as I can - although my carpal tunnel won't like me for it

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