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I wrote that quantum theory predicts that the effects of gravity would be to small to ever overcome basic uncertainty. It does, clearly, so there is a problem with the standard model of partical physics. No one knows what the solution to the problem is, though the String Theorists do go on. String theory isn't a theory either, its more like a cult. I remain skeptical, while they keep looking for their ellusive Higgs Boson.

Electromagnatism is one of four forces of nature. There are only four. It is the force that governs electrons and all they do. Electrons, under the influence of this force can create magentic fiels, molecular bonds, and all the properties of matter that you are able to percieve. Electromagnetic radiation goes by a more common name called Light, pehapse you have ehard of it. The electromagnetic force also govense the behavior of photons. This is why objects are differnt colors. The electronsin different materials absorb some wavelenths and not others. When you touch an object, the negativly charged electrons in your hand are repelled by the negativly charged electrons in the object. They repel one another like the same poles of a magnet repel one another. The positivly charged protons are in the nucleus, far far away from one another, and so their attraction to the electrons in the object do not come into play, usually. You can actually rub the electrons off an object using friction, and then it will stick to other objects, this is why hair sticks to a statically charged baloon.

So it isn't electro magnets that keep the world from colapsing, its the electrons repelling one another, and the force is called the electromagnetic force. If not for this repulsion the earth would collapse unde the pull of its own gravity to the size of a pea. But this is not possible in our universe and not really worth considering. Well, in a neutron star the core has caused the electrons to be pressed against the protons and they merge into a neutron. But that involves many many times more mass then the earth or even our solar system contains.

ID is not a theory. It makes no testable claims. It is at best a critique of evolution and not even a very good one. If it were taught in class rooms, i think parents would compalin as it would become quickly seen as an attack on religeon. The experts in the field are more then capable of refuting each claim made By ID, and in most cases did so in the ninteenth century. I think most people wouldn't want their kids shown over and over that the claims of these crypto-creationsists have been debunked. Unless your a catholic youd come out of such a class convinced that their is indeed no god.

The Catholics have an ingenous work around. They say that God is natural, so it is impossible to find evidence of his supernatural interventions. All will stand up to the most rigorus tests as having a perfectly rational explination in accordance with natural law, because God is the Law. In this scenario all miricals wil have a rational explination if one looks hard enough, but they will be miricals all the same.

I think the catholics are still smarting from the whole galilleo thing, and they don't want to be caught on the wrong side of science again. Pope John Paul II was a very wise man.

Go to if you want to know more about your noodly master. Even if you don't, its always good for a laugh. Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

Kiros, I may not agree with you, but at least you READ the posts, and that is really really appreciated. Keep trying, I don't know if you'll find a winning argument or not, but you have got spirit.
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