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Default Should we Stop Meth?

Kolor's going to like this one.

Methamphetemine needs one of two nearly identical chemicals to be made. Ephedrin and Pseudoephedrin. Both are found in numerous cold medicines. As far as meth labs are concerned either works fine. Here is the thing. Ephedrin and Pseudoephedrin are such complex molocules they require a whole chemical factory to make them. Its not something you can just whip together with a chemistry set. Even a trained chemist would need lots of specialized equiptment to make them.

So here is the puzzeler. All ephedrein and pseudo ephedrin comes from six factories around the world, the largest is in India. They try and make sure no country imports more then it can reasonably use in cold medicine, but mexico still imports ten times as much as it needs, the extra goes to make meth.

So should we accept that we need to suffer with our cold symptoms and ban these two chemicals world wide, or is the alliviation of runny noses justification to keep this drug around, despite its diversion to illicit and destructive drug use.
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