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Ah yes, the man sent to jail in Austria for denying the holocost. In german class we made fun of the Germans for not singing their original national anthem Duetchland Uber Alles, Germany Over All. Thats the sort of reason I get upset when people say you have to use freedom of speech responsibly. Next thing you know, they start outlawing IDEAS and sending people to jail, like the Austrian. Really I'm very annoyd with Austria. They gave us Arnaold the Governator, the Von Trapp Family(sound of music) and the First World War. Also they were home to those bastard Camarille, but they're all dead now so it doesn't matter.

I think Austria is an example that proves what I have been saying. You can't let government restrict your freedom even a little or the next thing you know your in jail for something you did or said years ago. People are always trying to control ideas, and even wack job ideas like the Holocost denials have their place. By the way, I recently saw a color photo of the gas chambers, and they sure looked like they had blue residue on the walls. The sort caused by Zyclon B or rwhatever it's called, the nerve gas.

Anyways what Austria has done horifies me to the core. It's as bad as China, what does the EXACT same thing. But where is Amnesty International? Where is the Ourtcry. The man is a political prisoner silenced by an evil regiem for saying things that were disagreeable. It is horrifying and should be stopped. I tell you this much, I'm never drinking Red Bull again. I think its an Austrian, or maybe Swiss, one of those countries I hate. So no more Red Bull for me.

Is any one on this board Swiss? Because I'm telling you now in the interest of full disclosure, I really hate the Swiss. I hope the north atlantic convection current stops so there is an ice age and your friggen country becomes covered in glaciers, which would be too good for you, considering what you've done. Grrr, Swiss.
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