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First to answer Billy Witch Ultra megachicken, we must never speak of it, is only a myth. *cough* I mean people aren't supposed to get along. Every one has different tastes and priorities, thats why Demand Curves slope downward. As long as government is in the business of robbing from the rich to give to the middle class, politics will be prety contentious.

As for the Dubai Port Deal, i have to say, I am ambivolent about this one. There are so many reasons for and against it.

By the Way Welsh Lad, this is the buyout of the LAST British port management comapany.

The UAE is an important ally for the united states. These ports will be important leverage we can hold over them to assure their continued cooperation. the UAE is also the only arab nation that lets US customes agents inspect cargo bound for the US at the Port of Dubai. Good for finding bombs before they get to your harbor, no? So strengthening our ties with the modern foraward thinking nation of UAE seems like a good idea to me. Dubai is home to the worlds largest indoor ski slope by the way, 22 stories high and airconditioned to 26 degrees F.

On the other Hand, the top managers will be from the UAE. And while I trust the nation, I don't really trust the people. Furthermore Dubai was a major intersection for Sadam Hussein to import weapons and other items forbidden under the oil for food program, or as I like to call it, Graft for UN program. While we still set the security measures, and the costguard is in charge, they would be in charge of implementing the security measures. And of course secrecy is our best weapon against would be terrorists. If they don't know what we know, and they know they don't know, then we know they have to hesitate, move caustiosly, and still might pick them up. But if they know what we know, they can devise a work around. So all we need is for some sympathetic clerk from Indonisia or where ever they are getting their workers these days, to slip alquada the security proceedures. Once they have the plans its just a matter of manuverign their X-wings along the trench to the secondary exhast port below the main port. It is ray shielded so they will have to use their torpedoes. But a direct hit will start a chain reaction all the way to the station's core.

Or something like that. As i said, I'm ambivolent about this one.
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