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I was flabbergasted, for lack of a better word. Ro was standing there sheepishly, and my mouth was about wide enough to fly an airplane through. The bubble of force-field, ice, and bees fell onto the table, breaking it. Rip grunted. Iris stared at me, then Ro, then turned and stormed (which seemed like floating, with her beauty) down the hall.
Suddenly, Rip strode forth and took me by the arm into the kitchen.
“What the-?”
“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE PLAYING AT?!” Rip roared. A vein filled with blood in his forehead. It was hideous.
“She! Ro! Gah!” I stuttered incredulously.
“Look, guy, I don’t what problems you and that girl”, he thrusted a finger at the door, “have with each other, but here, we have a little something called SELF-DISCIPLINE and RESPECT!”
I had the urge to whisper, “Those are two things,” but I bit my tongue. But I did protest. “Well, she had NO reason to conjure up that swarm of bees.”
“Well, she has problems too, but I think Iris will deal with her. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t shape up yourself, kid.” Ham was calming down, which also calmed me. The vein became a little less visible. “And if Ro couldn’t conjure up another table for us, you’d wish you were never born,” finished Ham. And he turned on his heel and left the kitchen, leaving me to my guilty thoughts as I absentmindedly pushed a spoon around with the mental muscle.

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