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Originally Posted by the_hope_house
Bush is putting America into debt faster than any other president; if he keeps doing so, we could be at risk of going into another depression, because the value of the dollar is falling. He thinks he is fighting terrorism by putting American troops in Iraq, and when they get there, no one knows what the hell is going on. He is letting Arabic countries (the ones that have hidden terrorists in them that hate America) take charge of the major oil ports in Miami, New York, and LA. How is that NOT DANGEROUS?!
congress is putting us in debt, the president doesnt controll a little guage that gives us money and puts us in debt, congress passes the budget cuts and the budget ups. the value of the dollar as remained rather constant for quite a while. the white house is placing troops in iraq because thats where a large percentage of terrorists have inslaved an intire nation of people, we are freeing an inslaved people, have a heart, stop just thinking about yourself. Hes letting a company BASED in Dubai, an ally city of the UAE buy 21 ports around the world, including 6 major ports in america. That is an american freedom, and to say no is a violation of the constitution. and its not just him, its his administration and congress. The executive office is cheaked constantly by the legislative branch, if you want to make a diference, stop yelling at your president and write your local congressman. lord.

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