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Default Re: i dont understand

Originally Posted by sharkie
Hi, I looked at the topic on the top of the page, and it listed things to notice for kids who have depression and i have 12 of those symptoms, I always feel like such a loser, look up the lyrics to the song "Nothing to lose" by billy talent, and that basically describes how I feel, Im thinking of killing myself, I mean who would miss me...

plz help me, i dont know what to do, im not even 16 yet, im sooo confused
I would miss you. I understand how you feel cause I got so depressed I tried killing my self. Thats when I met my shrink doctor. He took my broken brian and put me back together. Now he's the second most important person in my life.

The is an easy cure for depression. You are one pill away from total recovery.

Hope this helps some.


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