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a while ago a teacher at a university in the unitedstates denied the holocaust ever happend. because in AMERICA we have the right of freedom of speech, he was fired from his job I'm sure, but not punished by law. So that just gives more evidence to my argument. Regardless of the freedoms we have in america, its a differnt world in forign countries, therefor to argue freedom of speech from an american standpoint is like arguing dogs are better then cats. It, in no way, helps the debate.
Course it does he was basically saying that freedom of speech it a right so we can slag off religions because some people in that religions are terrorists (people have been terrorists in e.g. Christianity as well recently)
And the man who was sent to jail was in Austria so in Europe and a supposed place to democracy and freedom (so u can say whatever u like about anyone)
And 'yes' why is this turning into a thing about America?
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