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Default “Chinaski and I” (a new book I'm working on)

“Chinaski and I”

“Good morning Kenton, you watching Channel 14 news, I’m Berry Stevens” “And I’m Kara Edwards” “Last night a seven year old boy, Charles Daniels, went missing. Police are not yet releasing informa………”
The television blared loudly, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about much theses days. Every day was the same as the next. I get up, click on the television, turn it from channel 58 to 14, listen to the weather and news report while I brush my teeth, make toast and coffee in my crummy kitchen. Dress in my slacks and long sleeve white button up shirt with my corny tie and black penny loafers. Shave; comb my receding, graying hair. Clip my abused nails and skip out the door were I’ll wait for 10 min’s, get on the city bus, wait 20 min’s, get off, walk 2 blocks, buy another coffee only to enter a failing law firm and get yelled at by various lawyers and clients.
“Hey fucker were the hell have you been!”
“On the bus”
“Well God Damn it I have a client in Stevens and I still haven’t got my fucking paperwork”
“If you would give me five fucking seconds to walk in the door and take a breath”
“Don’t get fucking smart with me, when I get back you better have those fucking files stacked neatly on my desk or so help me”
“What the fuck did you say?”
“That’s what I thought. LINDA!”
“Yes sir”
“Be back in an hour”
“All right”
“Don’t let are little fuck up fuck up”
Finally the bastard was gone. I could sit down and slave for 12 hours. I didn’t do his paperwork. It wasn’t my job to do. I walked down a hall and stepped into my office. It was small and I shared it with Chinaski.
“Lo,” he mumbled from behind his computer. He was a stout, angry, old man who dressed in a polo shirt and kakis. I was always curious as to how he got away with this. I got my pay docked for not looking perfect.
That bastard, that pig fucking shit whore mother fucker…………
“Do you have Jay’s files” I asked Chinaski, after all it was his job to do that, Jay had just lost his mind. Chinaski lifted a thick manila folder and tossed it onto my desk.
“Thanks,” I said flipping threw it before standing up and waltzing out into the hall.
I stopped at Jay’s desk and plopped the file in his “file box” I returned to find Chinaski, eyes closed, collapsed on his keyboard. I came this close to waking him up, but thought better of it. He’s an old man, he needs his beauty sleep I joked myself, and it wasn’t like we had any work to do.
Jay returned at half passed 11: 00 o’clock and Chinaski and I took his arrival as an opportunity to leave for an early lunch. We went to the usual place, a small Deli on the corner of Smith and 9th.
“Yeah I’ll have a ham and cheese turkey sub please ma’am”
The young college girl behind the counter rang up our total. Chinaski had ordered the chicken salad, which I was teasing him about.
“And 7.38 is your total thanks for choosing Sandi’s” she added, almost robotically. I pulled out exact change and tossed it on the counter. Chinaski and I walked out the deli and sat ourselves down at an Italian inspired round metal table with a large umbrella jousting at the sky. I brushed the leaves off the table and unwrapped my sandwich. A shitty little bird was pecking idiotically at the leaves I had brushed down. I shooed it away.
Half way threw the sub I looked up at Chinaski, he had barley eaten any of his ‘salad’.
“What’s up Chuck too filling for ya?” I joked, but he just stared right past me into the crowed sidewalk.
“Heloooo, earth to Chuck?” I waved my arms in front of his face. ‘Whatever’ I concluded in my head, and I went back to my sub. And just incase your curious, his name was Chuck Chinaski, and we were fellow employees second, friends first.
When I had finished my sub and looked down at Chinaski’s plate, It was clear something was on his mind, He had eaten all the chicken out of it, but none of the salad. He stood up to toss out his wasted meal when I stopped him.
“What’s the matter with you, I buy you lunch and you don’t even eat it?”
“No really what’s bitin’ ya?”
He looked at me and cracked a smile, a gritty, slightly faggish smile. My eyebrows raised in confusion. He hurriedly settled down, cupped his hands together and cleared his throat.
“Do you ever feel like life is just, I don’t know, flying by, and your just sitting in the same spot.”
I nodded.
“Its called midlife crisis,” I remarked dully.
“No, no, no, not like that. Just like, you’ve wasted years and years of your meaningless life and you almost automatically do things, over and over and over, day after day after day.”
I tried not show that my good friend Chinaski was basically describing the way I felt all day, rain snow sleet or shine, doing random useless things out of habit, just compulsively living out your life.
That son of a bitch fucking whore skank bitch fucker cheater fagot bastard……….
“Sometimes I feel like that”
“What’s your point Chinaski?”
“What’s my point?”
“Yeah what’s your point?”
“My point is;” he exhaled, aggravated that I wasn’t understanding him.
“My point is why?”
“Your point is why?”
“Yes why!”
“Why what?”
“Exactly what? Now you’re just not making since”
“Exactly everything”
“This conversation is done I think”
“Why do we do it?” he said as I was standing up.
“Why do we just let our lives pass us by, why do we live our out boring compulsions?”
“Because….That’s just what were supposed to do, live our lives”
“Yes really!”
“Well you know what, I’m not doing it anymore!” he shouted, standing up.
“Have you lost your fucking mind,” I said quietly threw clenched teeth. People were looking in our direction. I was obviously embarrassed and I’m sure Chinaski could see this and he sat back down, cleared his throat and looked me in the eyes.
“I’m not, living this life anymore,” he said gruffly.
“I’m tired of wasting my time and I know you are too.” He waited for me to nod before continuing his rant.
“Now I’ve saved up a small nest egg, about 27 grand, all my life’s work has come down to that. If I retire now, I get 1200 dollars a month the U.S. federal government and about 550 a month from my IRA.
I grunted, even this man, this dingy, dirty old man, was more accomplished then me. How embarrassing.
“What about you?” The fabled words spewed from his mouth, I was doomed to answer him. I had do.
Rat fucker son of a fucking whore bitch cunt fudge packing coke snorting mother fucker……….
“Oh you know, a little here and there”
“How much?”
“I don’t know any exact numbers but somewhere around, 1000 with my social security and IRA.”
I waited for his laugh but it didn’t come, I guess he had conditioned himself to not laugh at other people’s financial misfortune. But what struck me as strange is that though both Chinaski and I worked for the same firm for the last 22 years, he still had more them me. I wondered what he had done before this now, but his retirement wasn’t really anything to gawk at either, both of us had depressing amounts saved. Guess we should have planned more.
“What?” Now you know my name.
“I said If I say something, do you promise to keep it to yourself.”
“Of course”
“I’m leaving out tonight”
“I’m taking early retirement”
“Come with me”
“Stop saying that”
“Saying what?”
“Oh, sorry”
“I don’t know what to say Chuck”
“Say yes”
“Ok yes”
“Ok yes Chuck”
He extended his hand across the table, the food, and shook to a life we had worked on for years, and shook for a life we would start now.
Chinaski and I went back to work. Jay freaked out some more, as usual, and 4 hours later, I left for home. Got home, stepped in threw the door, clicked on the Television, got a TV dinner out of the fridge and into the microwave, popped open a ginger ale……….
There was a honk that interrupted my routine. I walked to the window and separated the mini blinds. There was Chinaski, pulling up to my curb in a Winnebago. I tensed up. What was he doing at my house, why now, of all moments, in the middle of my routine? I hesitated between just ignoring him or going ahead and seeing what he was up too. In the end curiosity won me over and I made my way outside.
“What took you so long?”
“I took long?”
“Yeah Why?
“I don’t know, I didn’t realize that I did”
“Well you did”
“Well sorry”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got good news”
“Would you like to step inside?”
“Don’t change the subject”
“I’m not changing the subject, I just don’t like being outside”
“What’s wrong with being in the outdoors?”
“Nothing I’m going inside, you should come with me”
“Fine, well go inside, if that makes bitchy boy happy”
I was aggravated, but I allowed Chinaski to enter my house. He glanced around the entry way, grimacing. He took his finger and ran it along a bookshelf.
“What,” I said defensively. He smiled widely and put his hands behind his back.
“Nothing, you have a beautiful home Bill”
“Lets get down to business shall we”
Chinaski went into the dining room and sat himself down in the far left chair. I offered him a ginger ale.
“A ginger ale?”
“Yeah do you want one?”
“Funny, you didn’t strike me as gay Bill”
“Gay? I’m not gay.”
“Then what’s with the ginger ale?”
“When did drinking ginger ale make you gay?”
“When has it not made you gay?”
“I like ginger ale, I’m not gay, get over it, I’m not going to stop”
“Well have to work on that”
“Now, I have here.” He pulled a brown envelope from his pocket. “25,018 dollars and 12 cents”
I looked at him, cocking my eyebrow. He was still talking.
“Chuck hey wait, Chuck.” He glared at me apparently stunned I interrupted him. “Chuck what are you doing here”
“Well if you let me finish you would find out!”
“Ok, fine continue”
“Thank you, now as I was saying………..”

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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